Clean Cabinets = Clean Business

I recently read this article from Reddit and thought it was worth the share. We all to often forget that how we are in one area of our life or business will be showing up in all areas in one shape or another. Enjoy the below article and if you want to start cleaning up your business, perhaps start by giving us a call about your rack.

There’s a lot of symbolism in this picture. This is a picture of a network rack I worked on. I don’t get to clean up a network rack very often and it’s not because we don’t want to spend the time, it’s usually due to a misunderstanding of how a clean rack can help with business and life stability.

This symbolizes the trust a customer can put into the right vendor. Even if a project goes sideways it’s important to choose a vendor that you can trust their guidance. In this case all that was needed was a simple network change. After the change there were problems and after a bit of troubleshooting there’s a point where you have to go back to the basics and do things right. Even something as simple as cleaning up the network rack. Similar to how a freshly washed car with a full tank of gas always seems to run better. Things just work better when it’s clean.

This also, but not always, is symbolic of how business stakeholders may run their organization. If an organization is messy, usually you can just look in their network closet and you’ll see a mess. It’s easy to blame the network guy or technology for the mess, but more often than not the network guy isn’t offered the opportunity or the resources to maintain a clean system. This generally extends to other aspects of the one’s organization beyond the network closet.

So bottom line, take the time to clean up. More importantly empower your team to also clean up. Put the right people into the right position and equip them for success.

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