Is your network Millennial ready ?

As more and more technology companies target the millennial demographic, the networks that support them are becoming increasingly important. According to a recent Deloitte study, 87% of Millennials are never without their smartphone. This device (and the network it runs on) are also viewed as status symbols. Slow networks or coverage issues present major frustrations to this generation of early adopters.

For more information check out this survey from Commscope on the changing habits and demands of the Millennial generation.

When planning your network for the future, it is important to acknowledge that this network intensive generation will continue to demand ever increasing bandwidth in both the workplace, home and mobile markets. Installation of the correct physical layer for your environment will ensure that you can handle their demands. CAT6A & Fiber Network cabling infrastructure, as well as the latest standards in Wifi are all things to be considering when building out your data highway.

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