Three S's of Smart Buildings - Safety, Security and Stability.

Although the idea of "Smart Buildings" is not new, the technology and standards related to managing one efficiently and effectively are maturing. With components of life safety such as fire and security operating on top of your physical infrastructure, the consequences of a careless contractor could quite literally be life or death. It is imperative that you have a reactive and reliable management approach to your networks. Automated Infrastructure Management can assist you with this task.

An Automated Infrastructure Management system can help you monitor the stability of your physical layer, alerting you to changes that are both authorized or unauthorized. Products such as Commscope's imVision enable you to be proactively notified as soon as a change to your infrastructure is made. You can also point a contractor or technician to the exact patch change needed by illuminating an led on the patch panel, no more accidental downtime. If someone does make a mistake, you are notified instantly and can take the appropriate restorative actions. For further information on the benefits of Automated Infrastructure Management, see this white paper from Commscope.

Even with the best management, security of your physical layer is also extremely important. Ensuring that you have lockable cabinets, access controlled MDF and IDF locations as well as riser management can all assist in ensuring that nobody unauthorized has access to the base level of your network. For consultation on how to enhance the security of you buildings network, give us a call today.

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