Cabling Infrastructure
Cabling Infrastructure

Cabling Infrastructure

Our goal in designing your network is to provide you with a solution that meets your current technology needs and prepares you for change in the future.

We design the physical, data and network layer of your LAN and WAN infrastructure, encompassing all aspects of the network, including building horizontal cabling, vertical fibre optic systems and network switching equipment.

With a combination of extensive practical in-field experience and the most current technical training from industry leaders, our technicians are able to ensure that:

  • Physical plant and infrastructure issues such as distance, routing, grounding, temperature and interference are addressed at the design level
  • All network designs are developed in compliance with industry standards
  • Your network design balances current requirements and budgets with future organizational needs
  • The investment you make in equipment is a sound one
  • You and your IT team have a good understanding of the technology